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Jer. 21—39. 



WE NOW COME to a second general line of thought in our study of Jeremiah as a type of our Pastor and of the former's messages as to the nations as a type of those of our Pastor. In Jer. 1—20 Jeremiah's messages type our Pastor's messages to the nominal church and their effects. In Jer. 21—39 Jeremiah's messages to and of the nations in their relation to Judah's kings type those that our Pastor gave as to the nations in their relation to the movements among God's favored people following the evangelistic movement led by Bro. D. L. Moody and typed by righteous Josiah, i.e., the four movements typed by Josiah's three sons: Jehoahaz (called in Jer. Shallum), Jehoiakim, Jehoiakin (usually in Jer. called Coniah and Jeconiah, Josiah's grandson and Jehoiakim's son) and Zedekiah. A careful study of Jer. 1—20 proves that our summary of them types our Pastor's pertinent teachings just summarized, and a careful study of Jer. 21—39 will show that our summary of them, type and antitype, is correct. This bird's-eye view will clarify them and will prepare us better to understand the details of Jer. 1—20 as studied in Chapter VII, and will better help us in the present study of Jer. 21—39. Zedekiah's reign was from April 617 to Oct. 607 B.C., a period of 10½ years; and the parallel period is April 1904-Oct. 1914. The episode of Jer. 21, i.e., Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem, was antityped Dec. 1912 to Oct. 1914 (39:1, 2-9; 52:30; 41:1; for details please see E 7, 353, 354). Josiah, as stated above, types the evangelistic movement in which Bro. D. L. Moody was the leading spirit. His son, Jehoahaz (in 2 Kings 23:31-33), Shallum (in Jer. 22:10-12),

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


represents what might be called the consecration movement, in which Bro. Moody was also the main originator. His next son, Jehoiakim, represents the unionistic, i.e., undenominational and interdenominational, movement, in which again Bro. Moody was the main starter, due to the nature of his evangelistic crusades as being un- and interdenominational. His grandson, Jehoiakim, represents the "Student Volunteer Movement" for Foreign Missions, in which Bro. Moody had much to do as its starter. Zedekiah (justice of Jehovah), another son of Josiah, represents the unionistic movement combined with the state. This was the last movement of God's more favored people. 

During the period of Dec. 1912 to Oct. 1914 God gave a message to Bro. Russell, which he embodied in his lecture on The Overthrow of Satan's Empire, when the combinistic movement sent the lower clergy (Pashur, splitter; Melchiah, [alleged] king of Jehovah) and the higher clergy (Zephaniah, secret of Jehovah; Maaseiah, [alleged] work of Jehovah, 21:1), to ask the Lord to make known for it whether Labor, actually Satan, in his religious activities (Nebuchadrezzar, may Nebo [Mercury] protect) stirring up the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente unto World War, Phase I, might not be by God's miraculous works turned back from its evil purpose (2). Bro. Russell told these clerical messengers to give the following reply to the combinistic movement (3): God declared that He would foil combinism's arms against Labor's, actually Satan's, pertinent designs and those of its, really his, adherents as they were contending against combinism's powers, and would shape matters so that they would triumph in its midst through error mixed with truth (4). Yea, God said that He Himself would fight against combinism with an energetic and strong power, in displeasure, strong feeling and great indignation (5), smiting the supporters of its executorship in its sphere, both human and armorial; and great error would cut them off from supporting it (6). God added 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


that thereafter He would allow combinism, the chief movement of God's more favored people, its supporters and adherents, who had hitherto escaped crazing error, controversy and lack of truth, to fall entirely into Labor's, i.e., Satan's, power religiously and into that of their opponents. Labor, i.e., Satan, would defeat them in merciless controversy without clemency (7). However, God set before its adherents the alternative of escape or entrapment (8): Whoever would support it would be cut off by controversy, by lack of truth or by gross sifting error; but whoever would give up its defense and accept the terms of Labor, actually Satan religiously, would be spared for further disability as his reward (9), since God had set Himself against the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people for calamity, and not for prosperity, resulting in its falling into Labor's, Satan's, hands for religious purposes; and they would destroy it as such (10). Nevertheless, God gave combinism another exhortation (11) to reformation, calling upon it to practice truth early, deliver the oppressed harvest people from the power of their opponents, otherwise God's indignation would work destructively and unquenchably, because of its sins (12). God declared Himself against all of them, the lowly and the strongly exalted, who claimed that none could come against them or enter their abodes (13). These God said that He would punish deservedly; and among the great ones He would arouse destruction against all their possessions (14). 

In chapter 22 the message of Bro. Russell to the combinism movement is continued. God charged him to give his attention to this movement, which was on a lower plane than he was, and to tell (22:1) it, its supporters and its public adherents to attend to God's message as given to one of God's more favored movements along Apostolic lines (2). Jehovah charged them to practice truth and righteousness, to deliver the downtrodden harvest people from their opponents, not to do wrong or injustice to the Youthful Worthies, the helpless

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


ones bereaved of their supporters or the churches bereaved of their elders, and not to cut off the consecrated from fellowship with God's people (3). If they would practice these teachings, Apostolic movements of God's more favored people would continue in power into the Kingdom without being overthrown, operating their organizations and presiding as to their teachings, even they, their supporters and their adherents (4); but if they would not obey this message, God most solemnly averred that these movements would cease to exist (5). Jehovah said to this more favored movement that even though it were His consecrated and His justified people, He would, nevertheless, make it an isolation and its denominations without members, if it did not obey (6), and that He would arouse specially armed overthrowers (Labor) against it who would dispossess its finest adherents and destroy them (7). It would be the object of inquiries from restitutionists put to one another as to why God did this to so great a religious government (8). The reply would be given: Because its leaders and ledlings gave up their covenant with God and were subject to and served idols (9). Bro. Russell charged all of them not to mourn over dead movements, but to mourn over the consecration movement that had gone into captivity and would no more return, nor see its sphere of Truth and its Spirit (10). For thus the Lord says of that movement developed by the evangelistic movement, which took its place as the most prominent movement, that it had forsaken its sphere of activity and would no more return to it (11), but would cease to be in the sphere of worldliness into which it went as a captive, and would no more see the Truth and its Spirit (12). Woe to it; for it constructed its edifice with injustice and its offices with sin; it used the harvest people's services without recompense and yielded them nothing for their work; for after benefiting from them it rejected them (13). It claimed to construct a commodious edifice with great offices and large viewpoints, giving the highest places to justified ones 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


and adorning it with Christ's merit (14). Did it think that doing such things would give it the right to remain the chief movement of God's more favored people, despite its injustices? Did not the evangelistic movement appropriate great blessings, practicing truth and righteousness, for which it prospered (15)? It took the part of the humble and destitute, for which matters went well with it, because it knew the Lord, as He affirmed (16). But the consecration movement's knowledge and affections sought only self-enrichment, cut off the harvest people from fellowship, trod them down and did them injury to gain self-enrichment (17). 

And since the unionistic movement, i.e., the movement that sought to combine the churches into one, did these things, God's message as to it, despite its springing out of the evangelistic movement, was that it would not be mourned. Nor would the strong and weak descendants of the evangelistic movement commiserate one another over its demise, nor would they bewail or honor it as their ruler (18). Instead of its memory being honored, it would be disgraced, carried out and rejected, as not fit to be maintained publicly in the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people (19). Let all mourn over the prominent justified ones and the leaders of the nominal people, mourning over their steps, since its loyal adherents are no more (20). While it was prosperous during Bro. Moody's life, God spoke His Word to it through the harvest people, but it declared that it would not obey that message, even as from its early times, from 1868 onward, when Bro. Moody began the movement of setting aside denominational walls for denominational cooperation (21; 2 Kings 23:36). Theological strife would devour its clergy; its staunch adherents would become captives in confusion, which would surely cause it to be ashamed and nonplussed for its evils (22). Certainly no more would the dwellers in justification who abode in the justified state (without progressing to consecration) be of gracious bearing, when the great trouble would overtake 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


them in fits and starts (23). Then God turned His attention to the Student Volunteer Movement (Coniah, power of Jehovah), the third movement that stemmed from the evangelistic movement, declaring through Bro. Russell that even if it were God's choice means of approval, He would remove it therefrom (24), and that He would deliver it to its intending destroyers, its objects of fear, even into Labor's, Satan's, power as religious ruler and into the power that encroached upon others' spheres of teaching and spirit (25). God would reject it and its fostering teaching, the great commission, into another and foreign teaching and its spirit, where its missionary zeal would cease (26). But to the sphere of the pertinent truth and its spirit, however much they should desire to return to it, they would not return (27). Is this movement a broken creed, an undesirable teaching? Why is it rejected, it and its originated movements, and exiled into the sphere of an unfamiliar teaching and spirit (28)? Let all society hear the reason (29): God's judgment as to it is that it will have no successor movement, that it will not prosper, that it will have no successor movement to use Apostolic powers among God's favored people (30). 

A not inconsiderable part of our Pastor's ministry was given to exposing the false pastors of the nominal church, on whom as God's mouthpiece he announced woe for destroying and scattering the Lord's sheep (23:1). Therefore at his mouth God testified against them as the pastoral misfeeders of His people, declaring that they had scattered and dispersed His sheep and did not truly minister to them. Hence He announced that He would punish them for their wicked deeds (2), telling them that He would collect His sheep out of all the denominations to which the false shepherds had driven them, and bring them in the second Harvest into the fellowship of His people, where they would be fruitful in themselves and others (3), promising that He would set among them true shepherds—that Servant, pilgrims, auxiliary pilgrims and elders—who would 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


give them the meat in due season, and that His sheep would be without fear, dismay and lack (4). God by our Pastor also forecast that He would exalt to David's throne His righteous Son, who in royalty would have a prosperous reign, setting into operation truth and righteousness (5). During that reign God's Old and New Testament peoples would dwell in salvation and safety; and the office that God would give His Son would be to give mankind righteousness (6). He further forecast, through our Pastor, that the time would come that it no more would be solemnly said of His Old Testament people that He brought them out of literal Egypt, nor of His New Testament people that He brought them out of symbolic Egypt (7); but that it would be solemnly said that God brought and led nominal fleshly Israel out of the countries of Christendom, where it was scattered, and nominal spiritual Israel out of the denominations of Christendom, where it was scattered; and that both Israels would dwell in their own physical and religious spheres (8). Bro. Russell was much distressed on account of Christendom's false teachers. His innermost being was shaken thereby and for a while was dazed, as an intoxicated one, because of God and His pertinent holy Word (9), since he saw that Christendom was full of a union of state with the church, that covenant-breaking made the sphere of the Truth and its Spirit grieve; and that the ecclesias that were in the state of isolation were desolate and were turned into an evil way and their power lacked justice (10). For the pulpit orators and the leaders had become secular; yea, in His nominal church God said that He had found wickedness (11). Hence their course would be very slick in error; they would be pushed on and fall therein, since God would bring upon them the time of their punishment (12); for God saw error in the orators of Romanism; they taught in the interest of Satan and of the pope, his representative, and caused Romanists to err (13).

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


In the orators of the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people God saw abominable things: they join a cooperation of state and church and proceed in errors; they encourage doers of evil against the harvest work, restraining them from repentance. All of these are to God the antitypes of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (14). Hence God said, through Bro. Russell, that He would give them most bitter disappointments as their food and drink; for they spread secularism throughout their spheres of teaching and practice (15). His message was that the people pay no attention to such preachers, since they make the people worthless. They preach their own hearts' inventions, and not thoughts from the Bible (16). They continue to preach to God's despisers that the Lord promises prosperity; and they tell all who follow their hearts' imaginations that no ill will be theirs (17). But which one of them stood in harmony with God's plan, perceiving and hearing His Word (18)? In God's great indignation will the great tribulation come, even a grievous one. Heavily will it strike the man of sin (19). It will not cease until it shall have accomplished His purpose; it will be fully contemplated in the Epiphany (20). God neither commissioned nor spoke to these preachers, yet they worked and preached (21). Had they abode in God's plan and taught the people His doctrines, they would have led the latter from their wrong doctrines and practices (22). Is not everything everywhere naked and open to God's knowledge (23)? Can anyone, let alone the preachers, conceal himself from God's sight—from the One whose knowledge and power are everywhere (24)? God has taken note of these preachers of errors, claiming them to be inspired teachings (25). How long will this course be that of the preachers of error? They preach their hearts' deceptions (26). 

They really seek to make the people forget God's character by their creeds which they tell their friends, acting even as their predecessors who forgot God's character for Satan, the lording one (27). However, 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


God freely allowed them to preach their creeds, as He desires those who have the Truth to exercise freedom also in declaring it. There is no value in these, the figurative chaff, in comparison to the Truth declarers, as figurative wheat, according to God's declaration (28). Is not God's Word destructive and like instruments that thoroughly break the hardest materials (29)? Therefore God Himself is against the false preachers, who plagiarize the Truth teachings from His servants, and with changes palm it off as their own (30); for God opposes those who preach their own knowledge as God's Word (31), even those who preach false creeds, God avers, and publish them unto deceiving His people with their errors and vanities. God not sending or commanding them, they will be of no advantage to the people, God avers (32). When that people, the preachers and clerical leaders would ask Bro. Russell, What is God's message? he was to ask in turn, What message? It was to be a declaration of God's abandoning them (33). As for the people, preachers and clerical leaders who palm off their imaginations as God's Word, God forecasts punishments (34). Rather, they commune every one with one another as to what answer God has given, and as what He has spoken (35). They were no more to mention theirs as God's message, but were to accept individual responsibility each for his own message, since they have perverted the teachings of the powerful God, even of Jehovah of armies, the God of the faithful (36). He charged Bro. Russell to ask these preachers as to what God answered their questions, and as to what He had spoken to them (37). But since they claim to give out God's message, and since for this very claim God had sent them word through our Pastor not to make such claims (38), therefore God tells them that He will be entirely unmindful of them, will abandon them and the sphere of executorship that He had given them and their predecessors, and cast them away from His

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


favor (39). He will cause them to bear an age-lasting reproach and disgrace, never to be forgotten (40). 

In chapter 24, under the symbology of good and bad figs, the Lord shows that those who went into a certain Satanic captivity with the Student Volunteer Movement were better than those who would go into it with the combinism movement. The Lord set before Bro. Russell before the Church believing and unbelieving Jews as separate companies. This was after the Student Volunteer Movement, the successor of the unionistic movement among God's more favored people, went into Satanic captivity through errors on the Great Commission, together with leaders of God's more favored people, their evangelistic workers and their consecration workers, in confusion (24:1). In one of these two companies were some believing Jews, much like the Ancient Worthies; but in the second of these two companies were corrupt, unbelieving Jews, so much so that they could not be endured (2). God brought by way of emphasis these two classes of Jews to Bro. Russell's attention, by the query as to what he was considering. His reply was: Jews, the believing Jews as very good, and the unbelieving Jews as very bad, too bad to be endured (3). This was some time after July 10, 1904, when the symbolic captivity of the Student Volunteer Movement set in. Later God revealed something comparative to this matter to Bro. Russell (4), averring, as the God of Spiritual Israel, that as He would acknowledge believing Fleshly Israel, so would He acknowledge those who went into Satanic captivity in confusion with the Student Volunteer Movement from among His more favored people into the sphere of teaching and practice of their invaders (Chaldeans, encroachers) for their good (5); for these God would return to the sphere of the Truth and its Spirit after Christendom would fall in Armageddon, would build them up and settle them in the Truth and its Spirit and would no more debase them and root them out therefrom (6), but would give them a heart 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


understanding the Lord, making them His people and becoming their covenant God, since they would return to the Lord whole-heartedly (7). But like those rejected, because unacceptable, unbelieving Jews, God averred that He would reject combinism as executive of God's more favored people, with its leaders and the rest of the supporters of their executorship still left in the sphere of their doctrines and practices, as well as those who had become secular (8); even these would God cause to be scattered among all Labor, Satan, captured denominations in society, unto their disadvantage, suffering disgrace, made a byword, undergoing ridicule and condign punishment, into whatever sphere God would drive them (9). God would let them suffer from controversy, lack of spiritual food and sifting errors, until they would be driven out of the sphere of the Truth and its Spirit given their predecessors (10). 

In Jer. 25 the Lord's Word given through Bro. Russell on the time of trouble from 1874 on to 1897 and summarized in D, published in 1897, is set forth. It was a message concerning God's more favored people, in 1897, the fourth year of the unionism movement as executive (Jehoiakim, Jehovah raises up) for the Lord's more favored people, and the first year that Satan in the religious sphere began to rule for captivating God's more favored people along more erroneous religious lines disruptive of them as such (25:1). This message Bro. Russell delivered to all God's more favored people and those in their sphere of executorship, declaring this (2) from 1874, the 13th year of the evangelistic movement (Josiah, Jehovah healeth), which sprang from the Y.M.C.A. movement (Amon, builder), until 1897, in the 23rd year of Bro. Russell's ministry to the nations. It was a message that God gave betimes, and that the more favored people of God heeded not (3). Despite God's sending all the pilgrims betimes with this message, the more favored people of God neither heeded nor wanted to hear (4). They exhorted them to give up their wrong teachings and

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


practices and to abide in the Truth and its Spirit which God had given to them and their predecessors as an eternal possession (5), urging them not to follow their creeds nor to devote themselves to them, and not to displease God with their services, which if done God would bring no harm upon them (6). Despite this, they did not, God averred, heed the Lord, to avert His displeasure at their deeds, to their own injury (7). Because they heeded not His teachings, God averred (8) that He would in punishment allow Labor, Satan, who in this would serve Him, and all his confederates siftingly and militantly to come among them, and against whatever sphere of the Truth and its Spirit that they had and against those abiding therein and against the neighboring spheres of teaching and practice, like autocracy, sectarianism, etc., utterly wasting them unto amazement, disapproval and long desolation (9). Additionally, God would take from them gladdening and happifying messages, the message that Christ and the Church give, the message that their churches give and the light of the Bible (10). Their whole sphere of doctrine and practice would be a waste and an amazement, and all their churches and policies would be captives and servants of Labor, Satan, along new erroneous religious lines unto a completion (11). At that completion God would punish Labor, Satan, his arrangements and his policies for their evils, God averred, and the sphere of doctrine and practice of the despoilers, making them a desolation for 1,000 years (12). God declared in D that He would fulfill His forecasting word against Labor's, Satan's, sphere of doctrine and practice, even all that was written in D, which Bro. Russell forecast against all churches, their arrangements and policies (13). For many parties, organizations and groups will take advantage of Labor, then Satan's empire, in turn; for God declared that He would give it according to its character and works (14). 

Jehovah charged our Pastor to take the teachings of His wrath put into D, in other volumes of the Studies 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


and pertinent Tower and tract articles by his ministry, and to bring them to the study of all classes to whom He was sending him (15); and they would study these, be deeply impressed and become of an unsound mind, because of the controversy that God by them would arouse among them (16). From God by Christ Bro. Russell took these teachings and caused to study them all classes to whom God had sent him (17), namely, the sphere of executorship of His more favored people, Protestant denominations, their movements, to show that they would be reduced to a desolation, an amazement, a disapproval, a slander, as they became, Labor, Satan, as ruler of this present evil world, his underlings, leaders and subjects (19), all unionistic groups, the leaders of power-graspers (Uz, strength), the sectarian leaders, the Lutheran Church, Calvinistic Church, Anglican Church, Greek Church (20), Christendom, hierarchists and clericalists (21), Romanist leaders, Protestant leaders and the leaders of the fanatical sects (22), the three groups of the faith-justified (23), the leaders of traitors and the leaders of non-sectarian peoples separate from Christendom's denominations (24), combinationism's leaders, the leaders of Europe's two rival sets of powers (25), all of the kingdoms of Europe, far and near, and all the heathen leaders throughout society, the papacy being the last to drink of this wrath (26). Jehovah charged Bro. Russell to hold this cup to their mouths, error-full, unto their vomiting forth their beliefs and stumbling into the great tribulation, to arise no more, because of the great conflict that God would send among them (27). Any refusing to accept the teachings of D, etc., Bro. Russell was to assure that God had forecast that they would surely accept it (28). If God begins to make the sphere of His most favored people's executorship receive it, would He spare from punishment the others? They would certainly not avoid it; for God aroused this conflict against all those at home in society, He said (29). 

Therefore, Bro. Russell was to proclaim all the teachings

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


of D, etc., saying that the Lord would speak loudly from above and speak out of His Church, mightily making His voice heard from His Abode, the Church, a triumphant One as a wrath-executor against all inhabiting society (30). The agitation would spread even to the limits of Society; for God was waging a conflict with all groups, pleading with the whole race, giving over the wicked to death, averred God (31). Jehovah averred that evil would proceed from nation to nation; a destructive revolution would arise from the lower classes of society—the labor group (32). The dead victims of God's wrath during that period would be throughout society. Hard hearts would not mourn them, gather and bury them, but they would rot on the ground (33). God especially singled out the false pastors and their chief supporters, calling upon the former to howl and upon the latter to roll themselves in ashes, because the days of their slaying and scattering, both by the sword of the Spirit and by the physical sword, have come fully; and they will fall destructively, like a highly prized vessel (34). These pastors will be unable to avoid both forms of slaughter, nor will their chief supporters be able to flee therefrom (35). Bitterly will the cries of these pastors and the howlings of their chief supporters go out to the ears of all, because the Lord has devastated the food that they offered their adherents (36). The churches are cut down, because of the indignation of God against their wrongs of doctrine and practice (37). Like a mighty lion leaving his hiding place has God arisen from His resting place; for all society will be wrecked by Labor's, Satan's, tactics, allowed by God in His wrath against the symbolic heavens and earth (38). 

In 1893, during the Chicago World's Fair, by the Congress of Religions, the nominal-church leaders reached a new peak of evil. It was shortly after the unionistic movement as an offshoot of the evangelistic movement started to be the main movement of God's more favored people (April, 1893). Hence God moved 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


Bro. Russell to make his protest thereon in the Nov. 1, 15, 1893 Towers (26:1), charging him to take a public position before the nominal church and to speak to all Protestant denominations which assemble in that church to serve in that church the words that He would charge him, without lessening one word (2), to the end that if they would give heed and reform from their wrongs, God would change His procedure as to bringing upon them His threatened and purposed troubles due to their evils (3). Hence he was to declare as God's message that if they would not give heed to conduct themselves according to His Word, which He had made plain to them (4), to obey the words of His public servants, Bro. Russell and the pilgrims, whom He had sent betimes to them, which they did not do, then He would destroy His nominal house, as typed by the destruction of Shiloh, making it a thing devoted to destruction among all nations (6). This declaration of Bro. Russell in the Nov. 1, 15, 1893 Towers came to the knowledge of the clerical leaders, preachers and nominal-church members (7). At the conclusion of their hearing these things that God charged Bro. Russell to set forth, the clerical leaders, preachers, e.g., Major Whittle, who told the Revell Co., Publishers of evangelical literature, to put Bro. Russell's books off their shelves or to put his own off, and all nominal-church members, laying symbolic hands on him, threatened surely to cut him off from public speech (8), requiring of him the reason for his saying in God's name that the nominal church would be destroyed and the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people would be desolated from inhabitants. All of them were publicly gathered against Bro. Russell in the nominal church (9). When the executive leaders of God's more favored people heard of this, they came up from the sphere of the unionistic movement to the nominal church and took their place at the new entrance to the church, not that of repentance and faith, but that of professing unionistic principles (10). The leading 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


clerics and preachers complained to the executive leaders, accusing Bro. Russell as one meriting cutting off from a public ministry, because he taught against the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people, as such executive leaders had themselves heard (11). Thereupon Bro. Russell asserted that God had charged him to speak against the nominal church and that sphere of executorship everything that they had heard from him (12). Therefore he exhorted them to reform their teachings and practices and to obey God's Word. If so, God would change His procedure as to the calamity that He had announced against them (13). 

But as for himself he declared that he was in their power, and they might do to him as they pleased and saw fit (14); but he cautioned them that if they would cut him off as to his public ministry, they would bring great guilt upon themselves, upon the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people and upon its adherents, since surely God had sent him to tell them all these things (15). Thereupon the executive leaders declared to the clerical leaders and preachers that he did not merit cutting off from a public ministry, since he had spoken by God's authorization (16). Certain mature ones, like Bros. Moody, Sankey, etc., spoke to the whole nominal people of God, saying (17) that John Wesley and his colaborers in the days of Bible recensions, printing and distribution work forecast (Mic. 3:12) that the spheres of executorship and enlightenment and the nominal church would be brought to an overthrow (18), but that that Bible movement did not cut them off from their ministry, rather that in reverence it besought the Lord, who in answer changed His procedure. This showed that evil might be brought upon them in cutting off Bro. Russell from his public ministry (19). These mature ones gave as a warning example the case of that group of independent and prominent Protestants who in view of the gross form of combinationism committed by the bulk of the adherents of God's more favored people in connection 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


with the Congress of Religions at the 1893 World's Fair, taught against the sphere of executorship and its teachings and practices even as Bro. Russell did (20). When the unionistic movement and its chief supporters learned of this, they sought to cut these off from a public ministry, but these, learning of this, evaded them by taking up secular matters (21). But the unionistic movement commissioned an unclean class of unionistic adherents (Elnathan, God's gift; Achbor, mouse) with supporters, to make the mental journey to those secular topics (22). They induced them to give up such secular pursuits and return to the unionistic movement, which with its theories cut these off from their public ministry and dishonored them as common people (23). But in opposition to such a course against Bro. Russell, a class of real Protestants more or less contaminated by errors of doctrine and practice (Ahikam, my brother arises; Shaphan, rabbit) so defended Bro. Russell that he was not given over to the disfellowshipping course of church members (24). 

In Jer. 27:1 the name Jehoiakim by an erring copyist was put instead to the name Zedekiah (27:3, 12; 28:1). As Jer. 28:1 shows, the antitype occurred from April 1907 to April 1908; for antitypical Zedekiah's first year was from April 1904 to April 1905. Therefore during that first-mentioned period God gave Bro. Russell by His Spirit, Word and providence to understand (27:1) that he was to take up the ministry of proclaiming the operation of principles of subjection that Satan would later use to subject various groups of mankind to his sway (2) and to send the explanation of these principles of subjection to the leaders of Christendom, the leading hierarchs, the leading clericalists, the pope and the Federation of Churches, by messengers who came to the sphere of executorship and to the combinism movement (3), charging them to give the message to their respective chiefs, as one coming from God (4). God, as the Creator of society and the church organizations and the civil powers everywhere

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


in society by His omnipotence through Christ, giving the power to rule over these as He wills (5), because of the wickedness of the above-mentioned groups, in a manner and purpose similar to those in which He delivers Azazel's Goat to Azazel, was surrendering over to Labor, Satan, who in this respect acted as a servant of God, all of the spheres of teaching and practice of the above-mentioned groups, as well as the civil powers, for these to be subject to it, him (6). All of these groups were to be subject to it, him through the World War and its aftermath, through the World Revolution and its aftermath and through the World Anarchy and its aftermath. Thereafter the nations of the world, particularly the Christ as Kings, will get advantage from his course (7). If any nation, like the Allies in both phases of the World War, and kingdom, like the League of Nations and the U. N., will not fit into this pattern, they will be severely punished by controversies, lack of mental food and sifting deceptions, until God by Satan will have exhausted and overthrown them (8). Hence God, by Bro. Russell, cautioned these groups not to heed their opposing preachers, forecasters, theory inventors, deceivers and false-doctrine inventors who would charge them not to be subject to arrangements that really come from Labor as representatives of Satan's rule (9), since such teach error which they design to mislead them from their theories and practices, with the result that God would exile and bring them to naught (10). But those groups that will become subject to these restrictive arrangements of Labor, Satan, as a punishment for their sins, these God, He averred, would allow to retain their theories and practices and cultivate them (11). 

Bro. Russell by his writings informed the combinism movement of God's more favored people of these teachings, counseling them to be subject to these arrangements and obey them and prosper (12), pleading with them the unreasonableness of their being cut off by controversy, lack of mental food and sifting deceptions, 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


according to God's Word against the group that would not be so subject (13), cautioning them not to heed the preachers who urge them not to be subject to this arrangement, for they teach error to them (14); for God averred that He did not commission them, but that they preach error, claiming God's authorization therefore, which will result in God's exiling them to their ruin, (9) both the movement and the preachers who so preach to it (15). Bro. Russell likewise told the chief clergy and all their adherents, as from God's mouth, not to heed the preachers who proclaim that the teachings of the consecration movement and of the Student Volunteer Movement, of which Satan possessed himself, would be recovered—a false teaching (16)! He entreated combinism to disregard the preachers and to be subject to the new set of arrangements and prosper; for there was no reason for the sphere of the executorship of God's more favored people to be ruined (17). He further affirmed that if the preachers were true ones, having God's Word, they should pray that the true teachings yet left in the nominal church and in the office of the combinism movement and in the sphere of its executorship go not to utter error under Satan (18). It would be better to keep the still possessed teachings of the star-members (pillars), the Bible (sea), the foundation doctrines (bases) and the doctrinal, refutative, cleansing and ethical teachings (vessels, 19), though somewhat used by Satan for less evils, than that they be totally perverted and put to worse uses; for God's course punitively for the wrongs already done in allowing Satan a limited use of these teachings and practices was to prevent a total misuse of them that Satan would get, if His more favored people would go much farther into wrong; for such teachings still left them Satan did not take when he captured with the main leaders the Student Volunteer Movement, the movement succeeding the unionistic movement, as that of God's more favored people, from the sphere of their executorship to utter confusion (20). But foreknowing the impenitence of the people, 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


God forecast solemnly that the remaining teachings of the nominal church and of the sphere of the combinism movement in its executorship (21) would be taken to utter confusion by Satan, where they would remain until Satan would be completely bound and cast into the bottomless pit; then God would restore them (22). 

In Aug., 1907, the advocates of foreign missions (Hananiah, grace of Jehovah; Azur, helped) belonging to the nominal kingdom (Gibeon, hill) discussed with Bro. Russell his forecasts publicly in the nominal church before the leading clerics and their adherents, saying (28:1) that God had declared that the hold that Satan had gotten of Christendom He would break (2) after the people would shake off their lethargy as to foreign missions (first year) and would undertake them aggressively (second year). Then, they taught, the doctrinal, refutative, cleansing and good-conduct teachings connected with the great commission, which Satan had captured and perverted into teaching that all nations would be evangelized in that generation and all converted before Christ's return, would be restored to the nominal church (3). They also forecast as of God that the Student Volunteer Movement, successor to the unionistic movement as the chief movement, but in captivity, would be restored to the place of the most prominent movement of God's nominal people, alleging that God had said that He would remove Satan's rulership over that and other movements of God's more favored people (4). Then Bro. Russell said to these foreign missionary advocates before the leading clerics and all their adherents that were in the nominal church (5), even Bro. Russell said, May it be so! I would be glad if the Lord so did, fulfilling their teachings which they preached, even to restore to the nominal church those teachings that have been captured and all the captives in Satan's power (6). But despite his wishes he asked them to listen to the words that he would speak in their and the people's hearing (7). The former prophets of old forecast things against many groups 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


and alliances as to controversy, calamity, and sifting deceptions (8). When a prophet's forecasts of prosperity were fulfilled, he was recognized as a messenger truly sent by God (9). Thereupon the foreign missions advocates discussed Bro. Russell's teaching to the effect that to be circumscribed by Satan's less evil rule was better than his more evil rule and repudiated it (10). 

They thereupon declared before all the nominal-church adherents that God had declared that even as they had repudiated Bro. Russell's teaching, so God would take away the circumscribed power of Satan over Christendom, as soon as the people would repent of their giving up foreign missions and return to an aggressive prosecution thereof. Thereupon Bro. Russell left them (11). After these events God made clear to Bro. Russell that he should (12) proceed to tell the advocates of foreign missions, as a message from God, that instead of weak arguments on the matter of the nominal people's circumscription by Satan, God would make strong arguments, even those of fulfilled facts as to foreign missions, which certainly came through the World War, Phase I (13). He then proceeded to show that by the coming trouble this servitude put upon all groups would come as a powerful thing, to the intent that as punishment for further wrongs they would be made more subject to Satanic delusions and uses, and that this would include the secular governments (14). Thereupon Bro. Russell called upon the advocates of foreign missions to hear what he was about to say, namely, that God had not commissioned them, but that they were making the nominal people to trust in error (15). Therefore God averred that he would obliterate them from society, and that amid the effort to arouse the people to repent of their lethargy on foreign missions they would cease to function as such advocates, because they had taught revolutionism against God's Word, which teaches that the present mission of the Church is to gather out the Church and witness to the Kingdom before the world, not to convert 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


the world and reign over it 1,000 years before the Lord would return, as such advocates claimed (16). The collapse of these advocates began shortly after they began their efforts to stir their people to repentance for their neglect of foreign missions (17). 

Bro. Russell sent a message from his sphere of executorship to the remaining captive mature ones, leading clerics, preachers and the rest of those whom Satan had captured for his circumscribed purposes from the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people into a measure of confusion (29:1). This was after July, 1904, when the captivity of the Student Volunteer Movement, with its doctrine of the great commission (Matt. 28:18-20), its special supporters, leaders, justification workers and consecration workers had left the sphere of chief executorship (2). He committed this message to the clergy, (Elasah, God works; Shaphan, rabbit) and theological students (Gemariah, learner of Jehovah; Hilkiah, Jehovah possessed), whom combinism sent as ambassadors to Federationism, Satan, circumscribed in his rule in his confusion (3). He gave a Divine message to these captives, whom God had exiled from the sphere of executorship to confusion, charging them (4) to make for themselves offices and exercise them, cultivate fields of work and enjoy their fruitage (5), gain helpers, begin pertinent movements and powers, give the former helpers and the latter supporters, that these in turn may begin movements and powers, and thus to multiply and not decrease (6), to seek the prosperity of their circumscribed religious government and to pray for it to God; for in its prosperity would they prosper (7). From the Lord he cautioned them not to allow their preachers and forecasters to delude them, but to turn deaf ears to their imaginations, for which they would ask (8), since they preach error as of God's authorization, yet God sent them not, He averred (9). God assured them that after the great tribulation spent in confusion, He would free them and fulfill His good plan toward them and 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


restore them to His favor (10); for God cherished for them a plan of prosperity, and not of calamity, to give them His promised future (11). Then would they invoke and pray to Him and He would answer favorably (12); for they would seek and find Him, when the search would be whole-hearted (13). He averred that He would be found by them and that He would free them from Federationism, Satan, gathering them out of all groups and positions whither He had exiled them, and restore them to His favor (14). 

They claimed that God had raised up to them preachers in their confusion (15). God desired them to know of combinism, then the chief movement of God's more favored people, of all in the sphere of executorship, and of all the rest of God's nominal people not yet under Labor's, Satan's, full power (16), that God said that He would send controversy, lack of mental food and sifting delusions to them, and would make them like the unbelieving and abhorrent Jews (17), following them thoroughly with these three evils, and would give them up to be scattered to all groups of society, to be devoted to destruction, to amazement, to disapproval and to rebuke among the groups to which God would exile them (18), since they would not heed God's teachings sent them through His servants, Bro. Russell and the pilgrims, betimes, but they would not obey (19). Hence God desired the captives exiled from the sphere of executorship to confusion to hear (20). Solemnly did God speak of the clerical leaders and of the preachers who preached error to these exiles, saying that He would abandon them to Labor, Satan, who would cut them off from their office in the sight of the exiles (21). And all the exiles of God's more favored people would take up a warning proverb of the preachers and leading clergy: The Lord make you like these, whom Labor, Satan, miserably overthrew (22), because they did very evilly among God's people, uniting state and church, and have preached error as of God's authorization, which God did not authorize nor 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


command. This God knew and witnessed, He averred (23). God sent a message to the strong clergy who were in confusion, declaring (24) solemnly that because they had sent messages on their own authority to all in the sphere of executorship and to the main clerical leaders, as well as to the other clerical leaders, declaring (25) that God had made them chief clerics, as representatives of Jesus, in order that they should be overseers of the Church against every fanatic who claims to be a prophet of God, they should, therefore, restrain and reproach such with severe punishments (26). Why then did they not severely reprove Bro. Russell, who assumes to be a preacher to them (27)? In such assumption, they continued, he sent to the exiles in confusion a message to the effect that their exile would be long, that they should make offices and exercise them, produce increase and partake of it (28). These chief clerics declared this message to Bro. Russell (29). Thereupon came God's Word to him, charging (30) him to tell all of the exiles that God says the following of the preachers in confusion: Because they preached to them and God had not commissioned them, and because they caused them to trust in an error (31), therefore God declared that He would punish these preachers and their followers: They would have no followers that would stay among God's exiles, neither would they experience the good that God would do to His exiled people, for their revolutionism (32). 

While in Jer. 1—29 the messages are of God, through Bro. Russell, with reference to nominal Spiritual Israel in the Parousia, in Jer. 30—33 the messages are of God, through him, as to Fleshly Israel; for as "the prophet to the nations" Bro. Russell taught things as to Fleshly Israel, especially of its Parousia and Epiphany experiences and of its return to Palestine and to God's favor. God commissioned him to put His messages to him in writing, which he did (30:1, 2), because God assured him that He was going to give Israel a second return, after a second exile, to the holy land, even to 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


the land that He gave to their ancestors, and that they would possess it (3). This is the message that God spoke to all twelve tribes (4), declaring that Israel had been hearing a message of commotion and terror, and not of prosperity (5). Does a man travail in childbirth? If not, why does God see every Israelitish man suffering by fits and jerks, as in travail, and why do all their faces picture dread (6)? Alas! the Parousia and Epiphany day is most unusual, unlike any other period. It is a period of Jacob's trouble in its first phase: from 1881 (when Slavic persecutions set in) to about 1949 (when they will be, in their European bulk, in Palestine); but Israel will be delivered from the first phase of Jacob's trouble (7). In this time Europe's bondage of Israel will be broken off from them; the ties that bind them to Europe will be severed; and Europeans will no more oppress them in their lands (8). They will serve Jehovah and the Christ, their King, whom God is raising up for them (9). Therefore God encourages His servant Israel not to fear or be dismayed, since He will deliver them from afar, and all of them from Europe, where they have been captives. They shall return to the holy land and God's favor, and be in peace and security, and none shall frighten them any more (10). For God promised to be on their side to deliver them. Though He would make a full end of those nations as such among whom He had exiled them, yet He will not blot them out as a nation, but will correct them wisely and will not let them be without chastisement (11). God declared that in the Jewish Harvest their depravity was incurable by Gospel-Age cures; and their corruption was heavy (12). 

Under Jewish-harvest conditions there was no one who would appear as their advocate for their relief; no medicines of the Word availed for them in their unbelief (13). All that once favored them forgot them throughout the Gospel Age; they sought them not; for God, turned into an enemy because of their evils, wounded them as such, with the punishments of an 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


unmerciful one, for their many sins, which continually increased (14). The question is raised as to why Israel weeps for its affliction. Its sorrow is inconsolable, because of its sins. It is because it increased its sins that God has so sorely afflicted it (15). Yet its spoilers shall be spoiled; and every one of its enemies will go into captivity. Its devastators shall be devastated, and its plunderers shall be plundered (16). Yet God will recover it from its religious diseases and cure it of its blows, He avers, and that because others call Israel an outcast, declaring that this was the light-shiner undesired by anyone (17). But God affirms that He will effect its recovery from captivity and be merciful upon its homes, that Jerusalem will be rebuilt upon her ruins and the capitol according to custom (18). And out of it will proceed in gratitude the Millennial message of restitution, and the proclamation of those who are joyous in their blessings. God pledges greatly to increase them, so that their number be not small. He will honor them with the chief place among the restitutionists; and they will not be insignificant (19). Their converts as their children will be as typed; and their assembly will be firmly fixed in God's presence, who will punish all their oppressors (20). The Ancient Worthies as their nobility will be of their own people, and the Messiah as their Ruler will have come from their race. God will give Him access to Himself, and as their Intercessor will He approach God. God will cause the question to be asked as to who He is who thus approaches God (21). And Israel shall be God's people and He will be their God in the New Covenant (22). The time of trouble will go forth in indignation as a long-drawn-out trouble. It will terribly afflict the papacy as the head of evildoers (23). The raging indignation of the Lord will not end until it will accomplish this punishment, and until it shall fulfill God's determined purpose. In the end of the Age the people will meditate upon it (24). All will see that the messages of this chapter Bro. Russell gave forth. 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


During the Millennium, God avers, He will be the God of all parts of Israel; and they will be His people, as the result of their covenant relations (31:1). God reminds them of the fact that those who were spared alive in their wilderness journey were favored by Him as He was leading them to Canaan (2). Well might Israel say that God revealed Himself to them, saying that He had given them an age-lasting love; hence with much grace He favorably influenced them toward Him (3). He was determined to reestablish them, and keep them reestablished as His consecrated Israel! and they would again be adorned with the instruments of praise and thanksgiving; and they would go on to exercise themselves in the graces with all rejoicing in God (4). Israel would again make the holy land a fruitful garden, even in the parts once given over to the less favored people of God; agriculturists would ply their work and eat of their fruits in common with one another, a thing now seen in their collective farms (5). The religious leaders of the ten tribes would arise, advocating Zionism and a return to Palestine, as we now see fulfilling, though in the beginning of Bro. Russell's ministry it was a matter of forecast (6); for God charged that joyously some of Israel should proclaim Zionism to others of Israel, and make the proclamation heard in Britain, America and the Slavic nations. Let them make this agitation widely public, rendering praise to God, and pray Him to save Israel from her exile, even those who yet remain of them (7). God would bring them from Russia and the rest of Europe and gather them from even the least parts of society, and with them bring the physically blind, lame, pregnant and bearing women in companies; and an immense multitude would return to the holy land (8). They would return in much sorrow, and in their earnest praying would God lead them. God would cause them to go in the light of His thirst-satisfying Word in a righteous course, wherein they would not stumble; for God would be their Life-giver, and would restore Joseph's descendants to the

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


firstborn's place (9). God calls upon the nations to hear His pertinent word and proclaim it in the remotest parts of the earth, namely, that He who had exiled Israel among all nations would regather them and care for them with a shepherd's solicitude (10); for He was delivering Israel; and by effecting punishments on the nations He was paying the price for their delivery from nations stronger than Israel (11). 

Therefore they will come proclaiming Zionism, even in Jerusalem, and will favorably respond to God's grace, because of the blessings of solid and liquid teachings and of the Spirit, measured even to the capacity of the immature of the low and the high, and thus will be very fruitful in goodness; nor will they have a repetition of their former woes (12). Then will their consecrated rejoice in the practice of the graces, the Youthful and Ancient Worthies cooperating with them; for God is determined to turn their curse woes into restitution joys, comforting and gladdening them in contrast with their sorrows (13). God will more than satisfy the priestly Little Flock with love; and Israel will be content with Jehovah's blessings (14). The cries of lamentation and weeping are heard in Christendom, the motherhood of Israel's firstborn, as a representative of human motherhood, weeping for the slain Israelites, especially in the World War, Phase II, refusing consolation, because of their dead (15). Through Bro. Russell God by forecast bade this motherhood to cease mourning; for its work will be rewarded and its dead will return from the enmitous death state (16). There is, through the ransom, hope for their future awakening and return to their own (17). God certainly heard Israel bewailing itself, telling Him that He had thoroughly chastised it, as an untrained bullock, and pleading for a real return to the Lord, since He was Jehovah its God (18). Certainly Israel after returning to God will have changed its mind, and after being taught the Truth will have greatly lamented, and be ashamed and non-plussed for 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


its wrong course, since it bore blame for its Jewish- and early Gospel-Age sins (19). Is not Israel still beloved as a son (Rom. 11:28)? Has it been a pleasing son? Despite God's speaking against it in His disfavor, He has earnestly kept it in mind in much troubled pity, and will yet have mercy upon it (20). God charges that signs on its course of return be set up, even large ones. Let Israel set its desires on a public return, retracing the ways of its leaving God; and thus emphatically let the consecrated of Israel return to the holy land's cities (21). How long will apostate Jews busy themselves against Zionism, since the Lord has brought into existence His new creation—the Church, as Christ's Bride, surrounding Him (22)? God solemnly asserts that yet in the holy land and its cities, after Israel's return there, they will pray God's blessing upon Christ and the Church as the home of righteousness and the kingdom of holiness (23). For there will be among the Jews and their cities symbolic farmers who shall cultivate the soil of Gentile hearts and act as their pastors (24), since God has satisfied every weary Israelite and refilled their sad ones (25). Thereafter, in the Little Season, God will arouse Himself from His long 7,000 years' rest, and that rest will have proved very acceptable to Him (26). All will agree that Bro. Russell gave the messages so far expounded. 

Through Bro. Russell God gave the forecasts of the rest of this chapter. Jehovah declares that in the coming Millennium He will give twelve-tribed Israel, not a heavenly, but an earthly inheritance (27); for just as God had been attentive to banish, wreck, overthrow, devastate and punish Israel, so in the Millennium will He be attentive to develop and settle Israel, He avers (28). Then they will no more say that children will suffer for ancestral sins (29); but whosoever dies will die for his own sins; he will suffer for his own sins alone (30). In the Millennium, God affirms, He will make the New Covenant with twelve-tribed Israel (31), not like the Law Covenant made with their ancestors

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


in the 40 years' period when He laid hold on them in the Exodus, which covenant they broke throughout the Jewish Age [the following comment is made on the correct reading, which is corrupted in the Massoretic text, but is properly corrected by Ginsburg's notes and properly quoted by Paul in Heb. 8:9: "I regarded them not"]; and God during the Gospel Age cast them off from His favor, God affirms (32). But this is the covenant which God will make with them after the days of their disfavor, i.e., after the Gospel Age, hence during the Millennial Age; for after their disfavor is ended God will by the Christ inscribe His law of love, of love supreme to Him and love equal to the neighbor, in their hearts, as well as give them a clear mental appreciation of it; and He will become their God and they His people (33). As a result none will need to teach his neighbor the Truth, so as to work in him appreciation of God; for all shall appreciate Him from the highest of the Ancient and Youthful Worthies to the lowliest Israelite, Jehovah affirms; for then He will have forgiven them their wrongs, and will no more hold against them their wickedness (34). The God who made the sun, moon and stars and divided the earth into land and water, the Eternal One in character (35), having made these an eternal order, pledges by their eternity the eternity of Israel as a nation (36). He also says that not until the impossibility of measuring the infinity of all the universes could be accomplished by man and that not until the impossibility of exhaustively and detailedly investigating the infinity of gravity as earth's foundation could be accomplished, would He reject Israel for his wrongs (37). God by Bro. Russell forecast that Jerusalem's walls would be rebuilt even beyond their ancient widest extent (38), and that surveyors would survey Jerusalem's places extending to the heights of its surrounding hills (39). And Jerusalem's ancient cemetery, the Valley of Jehoshaphat, as well as all the other fields touched by the brook Kidron, north, east and south, 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


will be no more defiled as burial places, since restitution will make them empty for God; and Jerusalem will never again be uprooted and overthrown (40). 

Some time within April 1913—April 1914 a special word came to Bro. Russell from the Lord (32:1), while Satan's hosts were besieging the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people, and while Bro. Russell was suffering restraint on account of the adverse jury decision on his suit against the Brooklyn Eagle for its slander of him in combinism's sphere on miracle wheat (2). For combinism had put him through this decision under restraint, because he had announced that the sphere of executorship of combined state and church would fall into Labor's, Satan's, power and possession in the great tribulation (3), because he had said that combinism would not escape these servants of Satan, but would surely fall into the power of Satan through the trouble and would face him and speak with him (4), because he had said that Satan would lead combinism into confusion where it would remain until God would end combinism, and because he had said that it would wage a losing fight with Satan's servants (5). Bro. Russell said that God's Word came to him, saying (6) that a Divinely-favored and avenged class of Jews, the Zionists (Hanameel, God's favor; Shallum, avenged), would come to him and by their asking him, a priest sharing in the Sin-offering, to minister on Christian Zionism to them, were in effect going to ask him to share in redeeming the holy land for them as a privilege of his office (7). This was a revived Zionistic movement among Truth people, their zeal having somewhat abated from that of the one started in 1910. As God had revealed it to him, so it came to pass; for such Zionists came to him while he was suffering from the aforesaid restraint with what in effect was the aforesaid proposal. This convinced him that God had previously revealed this to him (8). He accepted the proposition, yielding as the price a Divine [the 7 in the 17] service on a human matter [the 10 in the 17] to them, 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


his services on Christian Zionism (9). He agreed, and had brethren witness to the agreement, and gave the service (10). As evidence of the transaction he by his to them known and to them secret course according to the word rendered the service (11), and put it in charge of his pertinent colaborers, especially of Bro. Driscoll, his publicity man, publicly to the knowledge of these Zionists and of the witnessing brethren who cooperated in the transaction publicly before such Christians as were in similar restraint (12). Then he charged his pertinent colaborers, especially Bro. Driscoll (13), to take his services, as the evidence of the transaction, both the secret and the known features, and describe them in pertinent literature, i.e., both the advertising and reporting literature, i.e., write-ups of the lectures in newspapers, that the record may be long preserved (14); for God averred that Palestine would be again highly developed in homes, farms and vineyards, and that because of the Sin-offering (15). 

Following his instructions to his pertinent colaborers, Bro. Russell in his Zionist lectures, which in God's sight were prayers, incense ascending to God, unfolded the thoughts contained in vs. 17-44 as his own Divinely-given thoughts (16). He extolled God as the powerful and all-efficient wise Creator of the universe (17), exercising love to many, and justly punishing through the laws of heredity parental sins in descendants, as the majestic and powerful God, the self-existent wise, powerful, just and loving One in character (18). Very wise in plan, mighty in work, fully cognizant of human ways to render to all their deserts as to faith and practice (19), who wrought types and wonders in both Egypts until the present, both among Jews and Gentiles, and has gained fame until the present (20). Further, he declared that God had delivered Israel from Egypt with types and miracles, with a powerful and helpful Agent, amid dreadful events (21), giving them the holy land guaranteed by His oath to their patriarchs as a richly endowed land (22). But after entering and 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


taking it in possession they disobeyed God's Word, not conducting themselves according to His Law Covenant, doing imperfectly in all God's commands, for which God brought upon them much punishment (23), both in the Jewish and Gospel Ages, through the typical and antitypical Babylonians, resulting in the two overthrows of Jerusalem and in the troubles of the Gospel Age, including those of its ends, by literal and symbolic sword, famine and pestilence, things fulfilled (24). The same Jehovah charged Bro. Russell to partake in the redemption of the holy land, in the sight of witnessing brethren, since another taking of Jerusalem would occur through the remnants of anarchists from all nations (25). In connection with his Zionistic work God gave him more insight into the subject, to the effect (26) that Jehovah was the God of the entire race and that He can do whatever He designs (27); accordingly He would give Christendom into the hands of its encroachers, invaders of warriors, revolutionists and anarchists, under Satan's instigation, who would conquer it (28). These invaders would fight against Christendom and destroy it and all its spheres of executorship, where prominently they had sacrificed in power-grasping and lording to Satan and proclaimed teachings in the interests of others than the true God, unto displeasing Him (29); for both Israels have continually wrought unmixed imperfection from early times onward, provoking His displeasure by their works, God averred (30); for both Jewry and Christendom have been a provocation and indignation to Him from the time each was developed up to the present, causing Him to remove both from before Him (31), because of their sins committed unto angering God—they and their most prominent ones, leading ones, leading clerics, public speakers in His favor and executorship (32). 

They have disfavored, not favored God; despite God's timely teachings they learned not His lessons (33). They even set abominable things in His temple, in which He placed His office, character, honor and

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


Word, unto its defilement (34). They formed sects of power-grasping and lording service, even teaching typical and antitypical Molech worship, in torment of their own, a thing that God had never commanded, nor had it entered into His Word—this they did as abominations, to make His favored people sin (35). But God said of each Jerusalem that it should be delivered over to each Babylonian king for punishment, severally, by both kinds of swords, famines and pestilences (36). But God would gather both Israels from all conditions into which He had exiled them in His anger, indignation and ire, and bring them severally to their respective Jerusalem's and give them safety (37). And both nominal Israels will become God's people and He their God (38). God will give both Israels one will and teaching, that they may reverence God everlastingly, for their and their children's good (39). He will enter into an eternal covenant with them, in order never again to forsake them, but to do them good; for God will put reverence for Him into their dispositions, lest they ever forsake Him (40). God will be joyous over them, be their Benefactor, and will settle them certainly in their land, whole-heartedly and whole-souledly (41). For God averred that like as He brought this great calamity upon them, so will He bring them His promised good (42). Fields will be bought, Bro. Russell told his Jewish audiences, in Palestine, of which it was said that it was given over to the typical and antitypical Chaldeans and was desolate of man and beast (43). For in it fields would be bought for money, deeds sealed and witnessed in all parts of Palestine, particularly in Benjamin, in the vicinity of Jerusalem, on all sides in the cities of Judah, in the mountains of Ephraim, in the cities of the Valley of Jezreel and in the south country's cities; because God would cause His captive Israelites to return to the holy land (44). 

In Jer. 33 Bro. Russell's message as to Israel still continues to be given in the antitype. This special part of that Divine message was given to him while still in

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


the restraint that came upon him as a result of the decision in the Eagle case, saying (33:1) that God was the Maker and Former of Israel to set it up, whose character is the self-existent wise, powerful, just and loving eternal One (2). He invited Bro. Russell to invoke Him, promising him a favorable answer, revealing to him large and powerful things hitherto not known to him (3). The true God said of offices of the sphere of executorship of Israel and of the offices of its chiefs, which were overthrown by the fortifications of the Chaldeans and Romans and their wars (4), that while Israel entered into war with them, it merely resulted in filling those symbolic houses with the dead whom God in wrath slew, on account of whose wickedness God kept back His favor from Israel (5). But God would change His procedure, by bringing them effective reinvigoration and healing, would exercise toward them overflowing prosperity and right teaching (6), would restore the exiles of the twelve tribes, and prosper them, as typed by their former good estate (7). He would cleanse them from all sins against Him, and would forgive all their unrighteousness in which they had trespassed and transgressed against Him (8). From this God would obtain a reputation of joy, appreciation and honor throughout all nations of society, who would hear of all God's benefactions to them, with the result that they, too, would be in reverence and cautiousness for all the benefits and enrichment that He will give them (9). God promised that in the holy land, which had been called desolate and without human and beastly dwellers, even in its cities, and particularly in Jerusalem's concourses, long desolated and bereft of human and beastly dwellers (10), would be heard the message of happy and joyous restitution, even the message of Christ and the Church, as the Second Adam and Eve, and the message of those who set forth Jehovah's glorious attributes of person and character, that express themselves in beneficences and Age-lasting compassions and of those that bring the Divinely-pleasing 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


sacrifices of the graces in the Christ as God's Temple; for God would free the land of Israel from the curse upon it, even as typed in times of old. This God solemnly promised (11). Furthermore, He promised that in desolated Palestine, without Israelitish persons and animals, and in all its cities, would there be houses where dwell true pastors, even Christ and the Church, the Ancient and Youthful Worthies and the Great Company, who would care for their symbolic sheep, those which are Christ's other sheep (12). Throughout the holy land's mountains, the cities of Jezreel's and Jordan's vale, and of the south, of Benjamin and of Judah, shall these symbolic sheep come under the ministry of these describing shepherds (13). 

God averred that in the coming Millennium He would bring into fulfilment the restitution blessings that He had promised all Israel (14). In those times He would exalt the perfect son of David to be exalted into the Millennial King of kings and Lord of lords, who will set Truth and justice into operation in the holy land (15). In those days would the Millennial earth and antitypical Jerusalem, the Church as God's religious government and foundation of peace, be in perfect safety; and this would be the office that God would give her to be and to effect: righteousness for the entire restitution world (16); for in fulfilling the Davidic Covenant God declares that great David would never lack his greater Son to occupy the Israelitish throne (17). Neither would there be lacking to the antitypical priests the World's High Priest to offer evidences of God's acceptance of the sacrifice of the Christ, to cause Truth proclamations to be made and to offer the people's consecrations throughout the Millennial Age always (18). A further word came from God to Bro. Russell, in which God solemnly, in corroboration of His covenant with Noah, averred (19) that as impossible as it was for man to change the orderly procession of day and night, so impossible would it be to break the Davidic Covenant, with the 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


result that he would lack the Messiah to reign on his throne, and so impossible would it be for Him to break His covenant with the antitypical priests, the highest of the antitypical sacred tribe, as His servants (21); and that as impossible as it is to number the stars or the grains of sand on the sea-shore, so impossible would it be to number the multiplied Royal and Priestly Christ class's children brought into existence Millennially on earth and post-Millennially in the planets of all the solar systems throughout the universes of God (22). Again the word came from God to Bro. Russell, asking (23) whether he had not studied what unbelieving people were saying, to the effect that the two branches into which the Jews anciently were divided, though once God's elect, are eternally rejected by God. Thus they belittled God's fleshly Israel unto an eternal non-existence as a nation in their presence (24). To this God said that if His eternal covenant with day and night and with the arrangements of heaven and earth be not a fixed thing, but will be broken (25), then would He cast off fleshly Israel eternally, and would reject His Christ from being the Davidic Seed, to be rulers over the descendants of the three patriarchs. For God would deliver His exiled fleshly and spiritual Israel in His differentiated forms of mercy toward them (26). Here end God's messages by Bro. Russell on Israel. 

The antitype now turns back to Christendom. It begins with the message that God gave Bro. Russell during the antitypical siege of antitypical Jerusalem and its subject churches and nations, i.e., sometime between Dec. 17, 1912 and July 28, 1914 (Jer. 39:1, 2; 52:4, 5; see P '42, 25, top of first col.), when Satan with all forces at his command made a master assault on Christendom as the sphere of executorship of combinism (34:1). In this message God charged that Bro. Russell tell combinism, as the chief movement of God's more favored people, as God's message that God would give its sphere of executorship to the outpourers of wrath (Satan in reality) for its destruction (2). This

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


message is contained in the April 1913 B.S.M., entitled, The Battle of Armageddon, and in the Jan. 1914 B.S.M., entitled, The End of the World in 1914 Not the View of Pastor Russell or of the I.B.S.A.; and thus it comes well within the time of the antitypical siege. It declared that combinism would not escape Satan's destructive power, but would be captured and given up to his power, resulting in his dupes' seeing and communing with him in his representatives, and going into his confusion (3). He called its attention to the Word, in which God declared that it would not pass out of existence in controversy (4), but in comparative prosperity, and would be elaborately mourned, like the other movements of God's more favored people, heartfelt grief being experienced over its demise—this was God's pronouncement over the case (5). These were the teachings of our Pastor as to combinism, the movement of God's more favored people then acting in its sphere of executorship (6), at the period when Satan's forces, Labor, battled against the sphere of executorship and against all the Protestant denominations, only those which were firm (Lachish, stubborn) and evangelistic (Azekah, tillage) still standing (7). 

The following is the message of God that came to Bro. Russell after combinism had agreed with all the consecrated who as crown-losers were in the sphere of executorship, to free (8) their New Creatures, unknowingly in Azazel's hands, from his bondage, by ridding themselves of their Great Company uncleanness completely (Epiphany Studies In The Scriptures, XI, 370-371 [Ex. 21:1-6]), and by no more seeking selfish and worldly indulgence at the expense of their New Creatures (9). When the chief leaders and the common people ("laity" brethren) who had entered into this agreement learned that such freedom should be made as to great and small and that selfish and worldly advantage of new creatures should not be taken, they performed the cleansing work necessary for such freedom from Azazel's bondage (10); but later 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


they entered again into selfishness and worldliness, which brought them again into bondage (11). 

Therefore God's message emphatically came to Bro. Russell, saying (12) that He had made an agreement with His Gospel-Age people when they came out of the slavery of sin, error, selfishness and worldliness in this present evil world, to the effect (13) that when the humanity of crown-losers had ended its Azazelian bondage by the new creatures cleansing themselves from that bondage, Azazel and their humanity should let them have their liberty thus acquired; but predecessors of combinism's subjects through their flesh and Azazel's temptations in many cases failed to carry out this agreement, by not hearing and heeding it (14). Then the Lord by Bro. Russell commended the course of these crown-losers in agreeing to rid themselves of the sin, error, selfishness and worldliness that brought them into Azazel's and their flesh's bondage, an agreement that they had publicly made before God's nominal church; especially was this done in testimony meetings, in Lenten services and in the week of prayer (15). But alas! they soon turned back to the service of sin, error, selfishness and worldliness, and thus enslaved their New Creatures to the flesh, and especially to Azazel (16). Therefore, through Bro. Russell the Lord proclaimed that, since they did not persevere in keeping their New Creatures free from the dominion of evil, but again brought them under bondage of the flesh, and especially of Azazel, He would give to them the freedom of controversy, lack of spiritual nourishment and sifting delusions, and would scatter them hither and thither, away from the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people, and from the sphere of their measure of Truth and its Spirit (17). And as to those who transgressed this agreement, not fulfilling it, which they publicly made as to matters pertaining to the Lord on the basis of a fully made consecration (18), even the main leaders of God's more favored people, the leaders of their sphere of 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


executorship, their specially devoted ones, the main clerical leaders and the common run ("laity") of church members, all of whom had entered this solemn agreement (19), God was determined to give them into the power of their enemies, Satan and his supporters, even into the power of those who had designs on their New Creatures; and their memories would be for mental food for unclean religious prayers and for rapacious governments (20); even to such would God surrender combinism as the chief movement of God's more favored people and its leaders, which meant a delivery to Azazel's underlings, who for a little while had given them a rest from besiegement (21); but this cessation, which would have been perpetual, had they kept their agreement, was only temporary; for with their return they would fight against the sphere of executorship, capture it and destroy it; and God would desolate all nominal churches, making them no more inhabited (22). 

In Jer. 35 Bro. Russell's presentation of certain truths to Jews for their acceptance or their rejection of them, with their resultant blessing, are set forth. By His providences God charged Bro. Russell between 1893 and 1904, while the unionistic movement was the main one of God's more favored people, one of the movements growing out of the evangelistic movement, saying (35:1) that he should mentally journey to the sphere of the Jews, both by his writings, e.g., in C, and by speech, and mentally bring them to the sphere of the Church in its missionary office and offer them certain Christian doctrines for them to accept (2). This he undertook to do as to the orthodox Jews (Jaazaniah, listener of the Lord; Habaziniah, lily of Jehovah), their various branches and their offshoots, in fact entire orthodox, conservative and reformed Jewry (Rechabites, riders, drivers; 3). He mentally conducted them to the sphere of the Church, into the office work of colporteur and volunteer activity (Hanan, gracious; Igdaliah, he magnifies 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


Jehovah), which was a neighbor of the office work of the leaders of combinism, which presided over the work of evangelists (Maaseiah, work of Jehovah; Shallum, recompensed), the tenders of those who led people into justification (4). Bro. Russell presented these Jews with the doctrines of man's fall, Christ's ransom, Messiah's kingdom and restitution, in Vol. III and Old Theology Tracts, inviting them to partake of these truths (5). But they said that they would not accept such teachings, because the Talmudists (Jonadab, Jehovah is noble), the main class of the Jewish Gospel-Age teachers, taught them and their descendants not ever to accept the doctrinal products of the sphere of Christian teaching and practice (6). Moreover, they had prohibited them from erecting spheres of religious work, from doing proselyting work, from developing the sources of religious teachings in such sphere of teaching and practice and from having any there, and to be merely sojourners there, in order that they might long prosper among Christians, where they were foreigners (7). Accordingly, they and their helpers, movements and powers have obeyed the teachings of the Talmudists, their religious leaders, in all their charges—never to accept Christian teachings (8), but to act as sojourners in Christendom (9); and they have obeyed and practiced what the Talmudists taught (10). 

But since trouble was brewing threatening great evils from what struck them as of Satanic origin, they decided that it would be safer for them to sojourn within the sphere of the executorship of the more favored Christians, since they were afraid of the encroachers and radicals in Christendom. Hence they came in thought to that sphere (11). Thereupon the Lord caused Bro. Russell to see that he should tell (12) the more favored people of God and those of the sphere of executorship that they should learn to obey the Lord's teachings (13). He called their attention to the fact that the teachings of the Talmudists given to their disciples, not to accept Christian teachings, were

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


fulfilled; for by the Jews throughout the Age to its end they accept no such teachings, but obey the Talmudists' teachings; yet despite God's teaching His more favored people betimes, they did not hearken to Him (14). Additionally, God had sent to them His servants, Bro. Russell and the pilgrims, betimes, exhorting them each to return from his wrong ways and to reform his conduct, not going after the idols of sin, error, selfishness and worldliness, promising that, if they so did, they would continue long in their sphere of teaching and practice, given by Him to their predecessors; but they were not favorable, nor did they obey (15). Since the Jews had obeyed the Talmudists, their teachers, as they charged, but God's more favored people had not heeded Him (16), God, even their God, said that He would punish His more favored people and the adherents of their executorship with all the evils which He had threatened against them, since He had charged them; and they had not obeyed His charge, and He had called to them; and they had made no favorable response (17). Then Bro. Russell told the believing Jews by the Word of the Christians' God that since they had been obedient to the Talmudists' charge, had kept their ordinances and had done according to all their injunctions (18), God, the very God of the Christians, solemnly declared that the Talmudists would not lack having disciples in matters pertaining to God. 

The fourth year of the unionistic movement, which sprang out of the evangelistic movement and which began April 1893, was April 1896—April 1897. It was in this year that at God's direction Bro. Russell (36:1) was preparing the part of Vol. IV that treated of God's teachings on what was coming against God's less and more favored people, in fact upon all classes, even the things that God told him from the period of the most flourishing days of the evangelistic movement to 1896-1897 (2), God doing this to give them an opportunity through hearing of these evils of God's purpose toward them to return to the Lord from their

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


evil course, in order that God might forgive them their wrongs and trespasses (3). Bro. Russell called upon his colaborers to proclaim, as pilgrims, colporteurs, volunteers and conversationalists, the Lord's teachings which they would get, especially from Vol. IV, also from other volumes of the Studies, kindred articles in the Tower and tracts, as the Lord had revealed them to him (4). He told these that he was under such restraint as prevented his appearance in the midst of the nominal church (5). Hence he charged them to expound the things set forth in Vol. IV, etc., which they had learned from his teaching, even the pertinent truth, in the audience of all in the nominal church, during especially solemn and self-sacrificing times, and also to expound them to all who belonged to the various denominations (6). This might move them earnestly to pray to the Lord and to return from their evil course, since great is God's displeasure and indignation that He has expressed against these people (7). 

The pilgrims, colporteurs, volunteers and conversationalists, from Vol. IV, etc., as their textbooks, did as Bro. Russell as God's mouthpiece had charged, expounding from their contents the pertinent teachings of the Lord among God's nominal people (8). In Dec. 1897 special self-denial was preached by Bro. Moody and his colaborers, in seeking to arouse the church members to fulfill their consecration vows. This preaching was not to the unconverted, but to church members, to whom Bro. Moody, etc., had been devoting themselves since 1893. It came to a climax in Dec. 1897, aimed particularly at all adherents, at the executorship of God's more favored people and at all of all denominations who supported this executorship (9). The Truth colaborers expounded the pertinent teachings from Vol. IV, etc., in the office of the unclean scholars (Gemariah, teacher of Jehovah; Shaphan, rabbit), taking the position of justification as their post of vantage in connection with unionism as a new way of entering the nominal church, whence they spoke to the people 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


(10). When the clergy (Michaiah, Who is like Jehovah), the disciples of the unclean scholars, had heard the entire message of God on the subject, The Day of Vengeance (11), they betook themselves to the sphere of the unionistic movement into the office of the scholars; and they saw that all the movement's leaders were there at their work, even the scholarly representatives of the five chief Protestant denominations: Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Episcopalian—all leaders in the unionistic movement (12). Then the clergy told them all the teachings that they had heard when Bro. Russell's colaborers declared these things to unionism's adherents (13). Then these leading scholars sent as messengers certain evil supporters, praised as of God's gift, vindictive in evil hearts (Jehudi, praised; Nethaniah, Jehovah's gift; Shelemiah, Jehovah's recompense; Cushi, black), to the aforesaid colaborers, asking them to bring Vol. IV, etc., and their message, explained before the adherents of the unionistic movement, and mentally accompany them. These complied (14). The chief members of the unionistic movement requested them to expound the message to them, which they did (15). On hearing of it, they all became afraid, declaring to these colaborers that they would report it to the movement (16). 

They asked these to tell how they came to expound all these things of Bro. Russell's teachings (17). They answered that he taught them these by word of mouth and by writings, and they thus learned to expound them (18). They then warned them to seek with Bro. Russell concealment in entire secrecy (19). Then they, leaving Vol. IV, etc., in the charge of Methodist scholarly leaders, rehearsed the matter to the unionistic movement (20). Thereupon that movement sent the same set of supporters who brought the aforesaid colaborers to the leading scholarly leaders to bring Vol. IV, etc. They took them out of the charge of the Methodist scholarly leaders and reported on its contents to the movement and to its main leaders who stood 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


by in support of the movement (21). The movement was seeking protection from sharp trials, and was in a measure succeeding therein (22). But when the supporters had expounded a little of the writings, the movement rejected their message by its theory of things and destroyed the literature containing it in its sphere of work by its means of overcoming its sharp trials (23). But this sacrilegious act did not stir up fear or repentance in either the movement or in its helpers who had listened to Vol. IV's, etc's., message (24), despite the protesting entreaties of the Lutheran, Baptist and Presbyterian scholars made to the movement not to destroy the literature with that message. 

But it disregarded their just pleas (25). Furthermore, the movement charged the civil rulers (Jerahmeel, God is merciful; Hammelech, the king), the aristocrats (Seraiah, prince of Jehovah, Azriel, help of God) and the clergy (Shelemiah, recompense of Jehovah, Abdeel, servant of God) to use their several powers to restrain the colaborers and Bro. Russell, whom God protected against their efforts (26). Thereafter God charged Bro. Russell (27) to send forth reprints of Vol. IV, etc., sacrilegiously destroyed by the movement, with additions, and still later with the addition of the Armageddon chapter, added as an introduction to Vol. IV (28). God charged Bro. Russell by His Spirit, Word and providences to tell the unionistic movement as the chief one among God's more favored people, that as it had destroyed copies of Vol. IV, etc., on the plea that they had stated that Satan by his supporters would surely come and destroy its teachings and practices and make it destitute of churches and governments (29), therefore he as God's messenger was to tell it that it would have no successor movement of its own origination to be any fair length of time that of God's more favored people; and that it as a carcass would be cast out without respect, exposed to alternating shame continually (30), God saying that He would punish it and its originated movements and supporters for their 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


sins, affirming that He would bring upon them and the supporters of the executorship of God's people and upon their entire favorers all the calamities that He had forecast; but even this did not move them to give heed (31). Then Bro. Russell fulfilled God's charge on reissuing and enlarging Vol. IV, etc., destroyed by the movement, with elaborations in Towers and tracts, putting them into the charge of the pilgrims, colporteurs and volunteers to expound and spread (32). 

The time setting of the beginning of Jer. 37 was after Dec. 15, 1912 and before Jan. 29, 1913, when the Eagle case was most unjustly decided against Bro. Russell (v. 4), after the siege was raised temporarily by the threat of Satan's worldly powers against his religious powers (v. 5). It was Satan as propagandizer of error mixed with truth who caused combinism to displace the Student Volunteer Movement, the product of the unionism movement, as the main movement of God's more favored people (37:1). But neither combinism nor its supporters, nor the common run of the nominal people gave heed to God's messages given through Bro. Russell (2). Combinism sent political (Jehucal, mighty is Jehovah; Shelemiah, recompense of Jehovah) and the main ecclesiastical leaders (Zephaniah, secret of Jehovah; Maaseiah, work of Jehovah) to Bro. Russell as teacher of the nations, asking him to pray to God for antitypical Israel (3). It was at a time when he had freedom of movement, since he had not yet been put under the restraint coming from the Eagle case decision (4). It was also at the time that Satan's secular supporters showed opposition to his supporters religiously, which act of the former moved the latter to leave off the siege of the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people (5). At this juncture came God's verbal answer to Bro. Russell's prayer, to the effect (6) that His solemn response as the God of antitypical Israel was that he should say to combinism, which sent him to God to inquire for Divine information, that Satan's secular supporters that advanced

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


to help it would retreat to the sphere of secular things as their proper sphere (7), and that Satan's religious encroachers would return to the siege to fight against its sphere of executorship, take and destroy it (8). The Lord cautioned it and its supporters not to delude themselves with the assertion that Satan's religious supporters had departed for good; for such a thing would not be the case (9). Even if they would largely refute them all in their views, and in their sphere there were only partially refuted controversialists left, these all would re-arise to the controversy in their office and destroy the sphere of executorship of God's people (10). 

When the attacks of Satan's confused religious supporters ceased to be aimed at this sphere of executorship, for fear of his secular supporters (11), Bro. Russell sought to leave that sphere to give attention to other religious matters in his own sphere of activity away from the affairs of God's nominal people (12). When he was amid such new activities, that group of the clergy that made it their business to restrain anyone whose activity they opposed (Irijah, fear of Jehovah; Shelemiah, recompense of Jehovah; Hananiah, grace of Jehovah) falsely accused Bro. Russell, in his official capacity as a prophet to the nations, of deserting to the encroachers as Satan's religionists, an accusation that seemed to them true, because of his many rebukes of and prophecies against them. This episode occurred in connection with the Eagle case (13). He denied the charge as false; but they heeded not his denial and delivered him to the leaders of combinism, who were oppositionally active throughout this trial, and (14) who were very angry with him; and by their influence in the case they secured his loss of it and its consequent restraint, by slanderous writers, secular and religious (Jonathan, gift of Jehovah). After he had entered into the restraint of slanders in its many false phases, and had been there a long time (16), combinism, as the chief movement among God's more favored people, interviewed him secretly, in its sphere of executorship, 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


as to whether the Lord had revealed anything on the present situation. To this he replied affirmatively, to the effect that God had said that combinism would come into Labor's, Satan's, control in grosser error (17). Additionally, Bro. Russell asked combinism wherein he had offended against it, or its supporters, or its adherents, that these had put him into such slanderous restraint (18). He also asked in what standing its preachers were who had taught for it that Satan in Labor would not come religiously against it and its sphere of teaching and practice (19). Since it was apparent that he was innocent of the charges, he petitioned that he be not caused to suffer such restraints at the hands of the religious and secular writers, lest his reputation be entirely destroyed (20). Both the political and ecclesiastical parts of combinism charged that the slanders be lessened and that the inimical writers cease their slanders; moreover it charged that he be given refreshment as much and as long as possible, in the sphere of its executorship, which made his restraint more bearable (21). 

Then the theological professors (Shephatiah, judgment of Jehovah; Mattan, gift), the chiefs of the flocks as hair-splitters (Gedaliah, he magnifies Jehovah; Pashur, splitter), the judiciary (Jucal, mighty is Jehovah; Shelemiah) and the hair-splitting clergy (Pashur, splitter; Malchiah, messenger of Jehovah) heard Bro. Russell's teachings spoken to combinism's adherents, to the effect (38:1) that God declared that whoever would continue to defend its sphere of executorship would lose his standing by controversy, by lack of mental nourishment and by sifting delusions; but that whoever would desert to Satan in Labor in his time-of-trouble delusions would escape such a fate, gaining his pertinent existence (2); since the Lord had said that the sphere of combinism's executorship would be given over to Labor's, Satan's, control in his warriors, who would capture it (3). Such an unpopular forecast angered combinism's leaders, who pleaded with it to 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


cut Bro. Russell off from all ministry, since, they charged, he was discouraging the defenders of its sphere of executorship and all its adherents, by declaring such teachings, since evidently, they charged, he was seeking, not the prosperity, but the injury of its adherents (4). Combinism, as the chief movement of God's more favored people, surrendered him to their power, since, it claimed, it could do nothing against its chief leaders (5). These put him into the foulest condition of slander that certain executives of the clergy could invent (Malchiah, [alleged] messenger of Jehovah; Hammelech, the king), in public restraint, and by their strongest arguments they lowered him into the pit of slander, where there was no refreshment, but unmitigated slander, resulting in his sinking deeper and deeper into the filth of misrepresentation (6). 

Certain unjustified servants of combinism, especially newspaper men (Ebed-melech, servant of the king; Ethiopian, black) thoroughly devoted to it, serving in its sphere of executorship, learned of these foul slanders—combinism occupying itself with Truth people's servants (7), these unjustified servants of combinism betook themselves mentally out of their sphere of service and spoke to combinism, to the effect (8), and in very respectful ways, that his persecutors had done wickedly in every detail of their dealings with Bro. Russell as prophet to the nations, most falsely slandering him, leaving him to be cut off without any refreshment or mitigation in that condition, since there was no more refreshment in its sphere of executorship (9). Combinism then charged these unjustified supporters, especially newspaper men, to take as many and as complete a number of helpers as needed to defend by facts Bro. Russell's reputation as good, before his reputation would be irreparably ruined (10). These unjustified, i.e., worldly, supporters of combinism, taking such helpers with them, went to the sphere of combinism's executorship among its stores of records and took out of them cast-off and musty arguments, 

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


and gave them to Bro. Russell in his condition of slander (11), and told him to use them for his protection in a subordinate position to the factual arguments that they would use to vindicate him from these slanders. This he did (12). For examples of such defenses of him please see B.S.M., Vol. 5, No. 9, pages 2, 3. Then they began a newspaper defense of him that vindicated him and thus rescued him from his slanderous condition; yet he continued in restraint (13). 

Then combinism, as chief movement, mentally had Bro. Russell brought to the witnessing subjects of the Truth people, and stated that it desired his candid and open expression thereupon (14). Distrustful and accusatory, he asked if he should declare it to it, would it not certainly have him cut off from his office, and if he should advise it, would it heed him (15). Combinism, as the chief movement, most solemnly and secretly assured him to the effect that by the life of Jehovah, who gave all existence, it would not have him cut off from his office, nor would it deliver him to the power of those who sought so to cut him off (16). Thereupon he assured it by the Word of Jehovah, the Christians' God, that if it would surrender to the new purposes of Satan in his leaders, i.e., surrender to the demands of Labor, then it would continue to exist and its sphere of executorship (17). But if it would not submit to Labor's demands, which were really a new set of demands of Satan, the sphere of its executorship would be given over to encroaching Labor, which would destroy it and capture combinism (18). Combinism declared to him that it feared its subjects that had already espoused Labor's cause, really Satan's changed tactics, dreading their surrendering it and mocking it in Labor's control (19). He sought to dissuade it from such fears as unfounded, pleading with it to heed his counsel as God's pertinent Word, which would result in its prospering and its continuing to exist (20), but warning that, if it disobeyed, the Lord's Word on the subject was as follows (21): The churches that were left

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


in its sphere of executorship as the chief movement of God's more favored people would be captives of Labor, really Satan changed in form; and they would say that it was incited to its course by its friends, who overcame its judgment and led its course into disaster and then forsook it (22). Thus would they surrender its helpful churches and its movements and powers to encroaching Labor, and it would not escape from their control, but would be captured by Satan's power, making it responsible for the destruction of its sphere of executorship (23). Combinism told him to tell no one of his message, and he would be spared (24); but if combinism's leaders would learn of their interview, and ask him to tell them without hiding it on what they had talked, even if they promised him safety from cutting off from his ministry (25), he should say that he had made petition before it not to be caused to be returned to the sphere of slanderous writers, to be there cut off from his ministry (26). True enough, combinism's leaders demanded this of him, and he answered as combinism had advised (27). Thus he continued in public restraint until the outbreak of World War, Phase I, whereby Satan struck a death-blow to Christendom as the sphere of executorship of God's people; and was in that sphere until it was captured by Satan (28). 

Sometime between about Dec. 8, 1912, and Jan. 6, 1913, Satan as respects the nations enkindled strife between the two rival alliances of Europe, over the question of Herzegovina and Bosnia, seized by Austria, the actual date being Dec. 17, 6 P.M., to 18, 6 P.M.; see P '42, 25, top of first col. (Jer. 52:3, 4), which events became an actual beginning of the siege of the sphere of combinism's executorship (39:1). And by 6 P.M., June 30, to 6 P.M., July 1, 1914, the Triple Alliance at a meeting of the German and Austrian general staffs decided on war at Vienna, which broke the powers of combinism's sphere of executorship (2). It should be here remarked that the difference of the viewpoints of Jer. 39 and 52, which treat of the same

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


general lines of thought, is the following: In Jer. 39 the effect upon combinism is that which the civil powers brought upon it, and in Jer. 52 the effect upon it is that which both the civil and ecclesiastical powers brought upon it. And the three powers of each of the two rival European Alliances took their positions publicly at the main entrance to the sphere of its executorship: three nations of the Central European powers: Germany (Nergal-, Mars; sharezer, prince of the treasury), as the chief supply of armaments, Austria, (Samgar, mighty overthrower, nebo, Mercury) and Italy (Sar-, prince; sechim, eunuchs) and three nations of the Triple Entente: Russian (Rab-, great; saris, eunuch), France (Nergal-, Mars; sharezer, prince of the treasury), as the chief supply of armaments, and Britain (Rab-, great; mag, magi), and with them their several satellite allies (3). When the chief movement, combinism, and its warriors perceived these, they retreated from the field of conflict and left the sphere of executorship at night, i.e., after 6 P.M., the beginning of the 10th of the fourth month, through the fertile projects of combinism, by an exit between the civil and ecclesiastical powers, taking the easiest way of escape (4). The encroacher warriors pursued them by their tactics in diplomacy, leading on to the outbreak of World War, Phase 1, and overtook combinism in the easy ways of Christendom. Thereafter they took it to the war activities, i.e., actually to Satan in confusion, to very fertile (Riblah, fertility) and strong (Hamath, fortress) conditions for Satan, wherein Satan decided combinism's fate (5), cutting off from service its subordinate movements in its presence, as well as cutting off from office functions the chief leaders of God's more favored people (6), blinding it to the real conditions and securely holding it in its power, in order to bring it into Satan's newly formed confusion (7). Satan's servants destroyed its sphere of executorship, all its other spheres and powers of executorship (8). 

Jeremiah—Type and Antitype. 


Satan's chief spiritual warriors (Nebuzar-adan, Mercury the chief ruler) deceived the captive nominal Christians unto confusion, even those who remained in the sphere of executorship of God's more favored people, and those who had given it up before it fell, accepting Satan's new condition, and all those who remained outside of the sphere of its executorship (9). However, these left uncaptured the Lord's Truth people, who had nothing of the nominal church's theories and practices in their own sphere of the Truth and its Spirit, and allowed them to have spheres of cultivation of the graces, while they led away the captive nominal people of God (10). Satan, by God's hindering and overruling providences, was compelled to charge his chief servants as to Bro. Russell, to the effect (11) that they see to it that he was allowed to prosper in harmlessness and that they let him do as he willed (12). Therefore these, charged by circumstances of their needs, and the Central powers, and Russia, France and Britain and all their satellites by fulfilling his forecasts that the trouble would begin in 1914 (13), liberated him from his restraint and let him come into the care of those of a changed and friendly public, which was made so by the fact that it recognized that he had truly forecast the trouble as coming in 1914 (Gedaliah, Jehovah is great), made so by his unjustified supporters (Ahikam, my brother stands; Shaphan, rabbit), to rehabilitate him, and thus he was at home among the public (14). But while he was yet suffering restraint God made it clear to him (15) that he should tell certain of his unjustified helpers, e.g., editors, certain statesmen, lawyers, etc., that the true God of His people was going to bring upon the sphere of executorship of His more favored people what He had forecast of evil, and not good, assuring them that in due time they would be fulfilled in their sight (16); but pledging them deliverance at that time and their immunity from capture by those whom they feared (17), emphasizing the fact that He would certainly deliver them, that they

The Parousia Messenger (Vol. 2). 


would not be overcome in controversy, but would have their public lives as their booty, because they had shown a measure of faith in God in protecting His mouthpiece, Jehovah solemnly averred (18). 

Rejoice, rejoice, believers! 

And let your lights appear; 

The evening has advanced, 

The darker night is here. 

The Bridegroom has arisen, 

And now hath He drawn nigh; 

Up! pray, and watch, and wrestle, 

At midnight came the cry. 

See how your lamps are burning; 

Replenish them with oil; 

Look now for your salvation, 

The end of sin and toil. 

The watchers on the mountain 

Proclaim the Bridegroom's here; 

You've met Him, He advances, 

With hallelujahs clear. 

Oh! wise and holy virgins 

Now raise your voices higher, 

Till in your jubilations 

Ye meet the angel-choir. 

The marriage-feast is waiting; 

The gates wide open stand, 

Up, up, ye heirs of glory, 

The Bridegroom's holy band. 

Our hope and expectation, 

Jesus doth now appear; 

Arise, Thou Sun so looked for, 

O'er this benighted sphere! 

With hearts and hands uplifted, 

We plead, O Lord, to see, 

The time of our redemption, 

And being then with Thee!