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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

II. HAVING seen that the reaping, including the gleaning, of the Little Flock was completed in the Spring of 1916, let us now prove that the reaping began October, 1874. Following are some of these arguments:

(1.) Daniel’s 1,335 days (Daniel 12: 12) ended in October, 1874, from which time the Truth, according to this passage, blessed with most heart-cheering enlightenment the faithful, as it reaped them. At that time our Pastor began an active campaign, circulating the first Harvest publication, “The Object and Manner of our Lord’s Return.”

(2.) Elijah’s second awakening and second meal (1 Kings 19: 5-8) prove the same thing. The first awakening and meal of antitypical Elijah began in 1829; his second falling asleep began just after the disappointment of 1844; and his second awakening and meal began in 1874 (Matthew 25: 1-6). The first part of the second meal in part consisted of truths such as the Ransom, Restitution, and the Object and Manner of our Lord’s Return. The 40 days of journeying represent the 40 years of reaping, which ended in 1914.

(3.) The 40 days of spying out the land (Numbers 13: 1-25) represent the 40 years (1874-1914) during which the Little Flock leaders were searching out their prospective inheritance as revealed in the Parousia truths.

(4.) The Day of the Parable of the Penny teaches the same thought, though we will not go into the details at this time.

(5.) The Crowned Reaper and His work (Revelation 14: 14-16) prove the same thing. These verses show “the Son of man” (our Lord), “having on his head a golden crown” (Divine Authority as King), and in his hand a sharp sickle (the Parousia Truth), began to reap, because the hour [the first 41years of the 1,000 years] to reap had come.

The Parallel Harvests Prove Reaping began in 1874

(6.) The Parallel Harvests are another proof. The reaping of the Jewish Harvest began in 29 A.D. and progressed for over 3 years before Pentecost of 33 A.D. This parallels the reaping of the Gospel Harvest, which began in 1874 and progressed for some years before Pentecost, 1978:

(A.) Jesus as the first grain of wheat was reaped in the Fall of 29 A.D. As stated before, this corresponds with the Fall of 1874.

(B.) The 12 and 70 were reaped some considerable time before they were sent forth as messengers of the Gospel to reap others (Matthew 4: 18-22).

(C.) Many other Israelites were reaped during our Lord’s ministry, of whom over 500 remained steadfast (Luke 6: 13) (1 Corinthians 15: 6).

(D.) Numerous passages show that Jesus and His disciples did a reaping work (Matthew 9: 35-10: 7) (Luke 9: 1-6; 10: 1-9) (Mark 3: 13-19).

(E.) John the Baptist did a reaping work (John 3: 29, 30).

(F.) Jesus’ statement (John 4: 34-38) says that the disciples had done some reaping.

(G.) Before Pentecost, when garnering, the last Harvest process began, the six preceding Harvest processes, whose first one is reaping, had been in operation.

Facts Prove Reaping began in 1874

(7.) Facts also prove that the Gospel Harvest reaping was going on from October, 1874, to April, 1878:

(A.) The reaping process implies two things: (1) that the sickle of Harvest Truth be wielded and (2) that it cut down the stalks of grain, that is, separate them from their places of growth. (1) During that period of time, Harvest truths were proclaimed in conversations, lectures and Bible studies; and numerous publications carried these truths to many. (2) As a result, hundreds of brethren were won by these truths and severed themselves from Babylon.

(B.) A number of classes of Truth people were formed during those years, which proves that the second Harvest process was in operation – sheaving.

(C.) The fact that the sixth Harvest process, the first sifting of the Gospel Harvest began at the Passover, 1878, paralleling the sifting connected with our Lord’s death, proves that before Pentecost in 1878 six of the Harvest processes had been in operation, therefore, the Gospel Harvest began some time before 1878.