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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

Question: Will tentative justification operate throughout the Millennial Age?

Answer: At the present time, before the Mediatorial Reign of Christ begins, tentative faith justification operates; but after restitution begins, tentative works justification will operate. In other words, justification by faith has operated from the time of Abel, and will continue to operate until the New Covenant begins; whereas under the New Covenant, justification by works will operate. The test for tentative justification now is faith, but when the earthly phase of God’s Kingdom begins, the test for actual justification will be works (Revelation 20: 12).

Why can we not be justified by works now? We cannot work perfectly now because we have imperfect bodies. God has been dealing with imperfect human beings, especially those who desire to submit their wills to His will; and He has given new hearts, minds and wills to those who have consecrated their lives to Him. They have received either a tentative or a vitalized faith justification on the basis of the imputed ransom merit of Christ, whereas the world will receive the applied ransom merit of Christ.    

During the time of the Millennial Age Kingdom, the willing and obedient of mankind will be getting more and more justified every day, until they reach actual human perfection in all their faculties – physical, mental, artistic, moral and religious. But until they become actually just, absolutely perfect, they will be tentatively justified through the Mediator and His Kingdom.

At the end of the thousand years the Mediator will step aside, and will present the perfected human race to the Father, and they will be accepted by Him. Every human being will then stand their final trial to see whether or not he will be willing and able to stand the tests. Satan will be loosed that he may test the entire human family. Those who succumb to the temptation will be those who have not developed the proper heart condition, and they will go into the Second Death. But those who stand the temptation will be fully approved of God, and be given a grand entrance into everlasting life.