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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

Question: Is it possible for a prospective Youthful Worthy or Consecrated Epiphany Camper to lose his standing in one of those two classes, but be relegated to a quasi-elect class?

Answer: Prospective members of either class can prove unfaithful in their trial and lose their standing. That would depend on the degree of his pertinent knowledge and of the willfulness of his sin, and also the degree to which he persists in his willfulness and the seriousness of the sin. The Lord naturally expects more from those who have been given more light (Luke 12: 47, 48). There is also a difference between sins against one’s justification and sins against one’s consecration. It seems reasonable to assume that one could lose his standing in one of those two classes by failing to carry out his consecration faithfully because of selfishness and worldliness, but not to the extent of denying the ransom or going back to a life of sin, which would be sinning against his justification. In the former case, it seems possible that the Lord may remand such an individual to a quasi-elect class, since they maintained their tentative justification; but the latter class would be remanded to the non-elect world.

Of course, such unfaithful ones do not go into the Second Death, for they are not on trial for life at present. They will go on trial for life in the Millennium, at which time they will need to retrace their downward steps in this life, in order to gain eternal life in the Kingdom.