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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

Question: Will childbirths continue during the Millennial Age?

In the Question Book, p. 205, the question is asked, “Will there be births after the time of trouble?” And it is answered as follows: “I understand that things will go on in a natural way. First of all, those under the New Covenant arrangement, after they begin to line up, will have higher aspirations and nobler qualities of mind, and births will be fewer and fewer, so that at the end of the Millennial Age, births will entirely cease and there will gradually be a change in the human family corresponding to the change in the beginning, only in the opposite way, when God separated Mother Eve from Adam’s side. Our understanding is that the whole human family will be as Adam was before the separation. It will not mean that the sisters will be blotted out, but that they will take on the other qualities, and men will take on the more gentle qualities. The perfect life will represent the gentler qualities as well as the stronger qualities, so that both men and women in the Millennial Age will be perfect, as Adam was before Eve was brought forth.” Page 462 of the same book testifies similarly.

Note also this statement from p. 426: “In all probability the cutting off of the matter of human families will be a gradual one and not an instantaneous one. For some time there may be sexual lines, but this condition of things will be gradually eliminated as they attain nearer to the perfection in which ‘there will be neither marrying nor giving in marriage.’”

Also in R 3461, par. 9 and 11, it is stated: “As respects those who, at the close of the Millennial Age, and who have demonstrated their obedience to the Lord, and who shall be accounted worthy of that perfect state, and to be made perfect themselves, lifted clear out of death – such will neither marry nor be given in marriage.” The Lord does not say what will be the intermediate conditions during the Millennial Age, and this leaves us to infer that mankind and woman kind, being awakened from the tomb in precisely the same conditions in which they went into it, will possess the same sex distinctions as at the present time. What will be the regulations of that time we are not told, but we have confidence in the Lord that He will be abundantly able to direct the course of mankind wisely for their benefit, instruction and uplift. 

“It will be remembered that during the first thousand years after the fall, not only was life much longer than at present, but births were much less frequent than now; and so we presume that during the Millennial Age the propagation of the species will gradually diminish until toward its close it will finally stop, mankind gradually losing the sex functions. Sex will no longer be necessary; for man will no longer be alone, as he was at first, to need a companion, for the whole earth will then be filled with perfect beings, and all the wicked, the incorrigible, will be destroyed. It is to this we understand that our Lord referred, saying, ‘Neither can they die any more, for they are equal unto the angels, and are the children of God, being children of the resurrection.’ As the angels do not die, neither will the perfected human beings die.”