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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

Question: In “My Special Vow” we say, “Daily will I remember in prayer the general interests of the harvest work.” As the Epiphany Truth Examiner teaches that the High Calling is ended, what harvest work is now going on, for which we vow to pray?

Answer: Scriptures, reason, and facts indicate that the entire Little Flock, the symbolic ripe wheat, was reaped by the Fall of 1914 and has now been garnered into the heavenly Kingdom; and that the entire Great Company, the secondary spiritual elect class, the symbolic unripe wheat or the barley, has been garnered into the heavenly Kingdom. Apart from any other consideration, the length of time which has elapsed since the sealing of the “servants of God,” the Little Flock, in their foreheads (Revelation 7: 1-3), 1914-1916, argues against there being any Little Flock harvest work going on today.

Other Grains

But as in nature there are other grains (compare Ezekiel 4: 9) to be harvested besides wheat and barley, so it is in grace. There are others besides the Little Flock and the Great Company, namely, “those consecrating between the Ages” – the Youthful Worthies and the Consecrated Epiphany Campers – to be harvested. They are symbolized by other grains which are to be harvested also. 

The Gospel Age harvesting is referred to also in the Scriptures as a gathering work: “Gather my saints together unto me” (Psalm 50: 5). While it is true that the saints (holy ones) in the sense of the Little Flock and of the Great Company – the “tribulation saints” – have all been gathered, there are still other “saints” waiting to be gathered.